MagSafe vs USB-C

October 28, 2016

I read plenty of complaints that this amazing piece of technology is being lost by Apple. I disagree. Just like many other controversial technological advancements enforced by Apple, I believe they made the right choice.

Pros for MagSafe:
– detaches from your computer if you step on the cable, most of the times without damaging the computer

– detaches 200 times per day when it shouldn’t
– the part of the cable that has the magnetic connector damages quite often and when that happen, you need to replace the whole MagSafe. I buy about 1 MagSafe/year.
– Sometimes the computer falls down anyway

Pros for USB-C:
– It’s a standard and once everything is USB-C, you’ll have to carry few cables
– It does not detach 200 times per day
– I can replace the inexpensive USB-C cable instead of the whole adapter when needed. The inexpensive USB-C cable seems to be doing much better job than the MagSafe cable – the one at home does not have any signs of wear after 1+ year of use.

– Everything is USB and you need to carry a USB-C to USB connector.

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